Here’s a shot from a number I took of the cliff to the east of Easkey, known locally as The Alt. In recent years, a quarry has been operating on top of the cliff, imposing an ugly gouged wound on a once picturesque vista. You’ve got to love the peculiarities of the Irish planning authorities, allowing this cliff to be destroyed along with, presumably, many of its nesting bird population while they reject on preposterous grounds the planning applications of so many people trying to build themselves homes in remote locations with little impact on the local environment.

You can’t see much of the quarry in this shot, although you may see the tops of some of the machines to the right of the wave. In the left background, Knocknarea stands dappled in light and shadow as rain-heavy clouds are hurried landward by a brisk northerly.


A cuckoo flies away after calling from the top of the tree.

Here’s the better of the two shots I managed to snatch of the cuckoo just as he flew off. I was sitting in the house reading when my mother walked in and asked if I had ever seen the cuckoo, telling me one was sitting outside on the tree. I grabbed my camera and snuck out, but he flew off just as I was shooting. This shot is also blown up from a much wider original – I still only possess a 50mm prime lens for my DSLR so shots of birds require blowing up until I manage to purchase a telephoto zoom lens.

Just spent the bank holiday weekend up home. Glorious sunshine, bumblebees, lambs, a cuckoo – spring has well sprung now. I managed to snatch a shot of a cuckoo (it was my first time ever seeing one, although they could always be heard around my parents’ house at this time of year for as long as I can remember).

I’m taking inspiration from a friend’s blog and considering the possibility of rejigging this decrepit and unused blog into a more photography-oriented thing. Anyway, here’s a standard touristy shot of Easkey castle from the weekend, I may have to fiddle with the settings and repost this if the photo’s size is too much.